What age should kids watch Princess Bride?

What age is Princess Bride for?

Children aged 5-8 years will be scared by most of the violent and disturbing scenes from The Princess Bride mentioned above. They’re likely to be particularly scared or disturbed by the torture scene, the scene with the fire-swamp and giant rodents, and the eels scene.

Is The Princess Bride PG 13?

Watch an adventure with the whole family. Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge. It sounds like an R rated moving, but The Princess Bride is actually only rated PG.

Does Princess Bride have bad words?

‘The Princess Bride’ is both clever and slapstick. It is tongue in cheek but not to the point of insulting the audience. The way this movie can laugh at itself and the well-worn setting it portrays is both warm and friendly. This isn’t a comedy that relies on insults, cheap laughs or bullying in order to raise a smile.

What age is the Princess Diaries books for?

Perfect for children aged between 9-14, the Princess Diaries books recognise the importance of culture, but you can expect the odd celebrity to be name-dropped in here too.

Is the princess bride funny?

The Princess Bride Isn’t That Funny

Personally, I think it’s better described as a endearing children’s drama with wit, but not really a comedy. I’ll say that part of it may be due to not growing up with it, so those iconic lines may not hit me quite as hard as it would someone who grew up watching it.

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