How do I pick a good wedding DJ?

What should I look for in a DJ?

Here are three qualities that set a good wedding DJ apart from the crowd.

  • Personality. If we could only give you one tip, it would be this! …
  • Communication. You’ve probably been hearing how important communication is during all those premarital classes. …
  • Flexibility.

How much should I pay for a wedding DJ?

If you’re considering hiring a DJ to play music at your wedding, keep in mind that the average wedding DJ cost in the U.S. is around $1,000 with most couples spending between $780 to $1,495.

How much does a wedding DJ cost per hour?

DJs may charge an hourly rate that fluctuates depending on the type of event you are hosting. For example, a DJ may charge $75 per hour for corporate parties and $100 per hour for weddings. Other DJs may have hourly rates that decrease the longer you book them for.

What questions should you ask a DJ for your wedding?

Questions to Ask a Wedding DJ

  • Do you offer a written contract? …
  • Will you be the DJ at our wedding? …
  • May we meet our DJ before we sign a contract? …
  • How long will you hold our date for us? …
  • Do you work exclusively for this company? …
  • How long have you been a DJ and how many weddings have you done?
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What to know before hiring a DJ?

Here are some tips to keep in mind when hiring a wedding DJ.

  • Know what to look for and where. …
  • Ask to hear samples of the wedding DJ’s work. …
  • Give the DJ your playlist and your “do not play” list. …
  • Ask how they get the crowd going. …
  • Get a contract. …
  • You can DIY, but you may need help.

What is a reasonable price for a DJ?

According to some guides, the national average cost of a DJ is between $700-$1200. Others state the national average cost of a wedding DJ is about $1,000 for 2019.

How much should a DJ Charge for 4 hours?

How much does a DJ cost for 4 hours? The average DJ cost for a wedding reception that lasts about 4 hours runs around $600 to $1,200 with most DJ companies charging $200 per hour. This rate varies according to where you’re getting married and the experience level of your DJ.

How much does an average DJ cost per hour?

How much Does It Cost For A DJ Per Hour? The average wedding DJ’s cost per hour is around $150. However, a DJ may charge less if they are performing at an event that is not a wedding. Most DJs charge around $100 per hour for “non-wedding” events.

Can a wedding DJ play any song?

Most wedding DJs will play any song that is requested. … If you do not want your DJ to take requests or stray from a setlist then it is perfectly reasonable to ask your DJ not to honor requests. Again, just make sure they know this ahead of time.

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Where do wedding DJs get their music?

iTunes is the biggest and for DJs we have Beatport is one of the most popular digital download services for DJs to buy and download tracks. Others include Juno, Bandcamp and Apple Music (Formerly iTunes). Bandcamp is the best online retailer of music to support because they support the artist.

Why have a DJ at your wedding?

Hiring a professional DJ for your event allows you to sit back and actually enjoy the special day you have planned. Weddings especially are jam packed full of special moments and can be difficult to keep track of yourself. … A DJ can handle that for you and provide invaluable peace of mind.

How much do DJs charge for a party?

Typically, the numbers sit anywhere from $50 to $200 an hour. But can go even higher than that if you’re getting an in-demand DJ. If you’re charging per event, from a few hundred to a few thousand. But keep in mind prices will vary for DJs offering different packages for different events.