Your question: Can you get an apprenticeship in dog grooming?

How does a dog grooming apprenticeship work?

Your Apprenticeship will vary depending on your employer, but you could learn about various animal care aspects, including health checking, basic animal training, transporting animals, feeding, watering and exercising animals, advising customers and owners, or maintaining a clean and safe working environment.

What is a groomers apprentice?


Responsibilities of a groomer apprentice include bathing patients, assisting lead groomer, preparation of patients for grooming, cleaning and maintenance of the grooming area, and confirming grooming…

Do dog groomers make good money?

According to an independent study done by, the average dog groomer salary in the United States is $29,848. This means that some dog groomers make more, and some make less. On the low end you have your introductory groomers making roughly $17,000.

Do PetSmart groomer trainees get paid?

How much does a Groomer Apprentice at PetSmart make? The typical PetSmart Groomer Apprentice salary is $11 per hour. Groomer Apprentice salaries at PetSmart can range from $10 – $15 per hour.

Can you make a living as a dog groomer?

In conclusion, when someone asks you if you can live off a professional dog groomer salary, the short answer is YES! There are plenty of full-time dog groomers out there with thriving, successful careers.

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Is dog grooming a good career?

It’s great for those who like a rewarding challenge. If you’re passionate about animals and love to take care of them, professional pet grooming is a great business for you. … Professional pet groomers are always needed. So, if you become a professional pet groomer, you won’t have to worry about your job.

How much do dog groomers charge UK?

The average cost of dog grooming in the UK is £39, but prices range from £18 to £80 or even more. The amount you’ll pay depends on a number of factors such as the size of your dog, the type of coat and where you live.

How long does it take to train as a dog groomer?

The possible duration of a Dog Grooming Course is 1 year and during these classes, you should be taught the basics behind grooming, techniques to identify problems and issues, and the skills necessary to examine bodies or know breed standards.

What skills do you need to be a dog groomer?

You’ll have to be confident around dogs and be able to take proper care of them. As most dog groomers are self-employed, you’ll need to have basic numeracy and literacy skills. You’ll also need to be good at administration, marketing and business management.

Are dog groomers in demand UK?

Bob Martin has identified a 350% surge in demand for dog groomers in the UK in the days following the easing of restrictions, and is now calling for caution and warning owners to avoid the dangers of over-grooming pets.

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How much do grooming apprentices make at Petco?

Petco Salary FAQs

The average salary for a Groomer Apprentice is $22,781 per year in United States, which is 7% lower than the average Petco salary of $24,597 per year for this job.

How much does a pet groomer make at PetSmart?

How much does a Pet Groomer make at PetSmart in the United States? Average PetSmart Pet Groomer hourly pay in the United States is approximately $14.45, which is 11% below the national average.