How do you find lifetime engaged users on Facebook?

How do you find out how many people are engaged on Facebook?

Engagement Rate on Facebook for a post is calculated as the number of Engaged Users divided by the total reach of that post. Multiply the whole thing by 100 to turn it into a percentage. Engagements on Facebook include reactions, shares, comments, and some clicks on links, videos, and images.

What does lifetime engaged users mean on Facebook?

P – Lifetime Engaged users (formerly “Lifetime Post Engaged Users”) Facebook’s definition: Lifetime The number of people who clicked anywhere in your posts. (

What are lifetime engaged users?

Column O — “Lifetime Engaged Users” — defined as “The number of unique people who engaged in certain ways with your Page post, for example by commenting on, liking, sharing, or clicking upon particular elements of the post.

How do you track engagement on Facebook?

How To Track Facebook Engagement

  1. Login to your business’ Facebook page.
  2. Click on the ‘Insights’ option above your page’s cover picture.
  3. On this page, you’ll have a list of data options on the left-hand side that you can click on to view the relevant metrics.
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What is the difference between reach and engagement on Facebook?

Engagement: The number of interactions your content received from users (likes, comments, shares, saves, etc.) Impressions: The number of times your content is displayed. Reach: The number of people who see your content.

What is Lifetime matched audience targeting consumptions on post?

The valid part is that “Lifetime Post Consumption” measures the number of clicks anywhere within your original post as you see in the image above, excluding likes on comments, replies to comments, etc. that are found below the original post.

What is an engaged user?

An Engaged User is an online consumer who responds to offers, products and services by clicking, sharing, liking or commenting on any content or post within a website’s page.

What is 28 Days page engaged users?

People Reached / People Engaged

People reached are the people who saw your posts in the past 28 days while people engaged are the people who liked, commented on, or shared any of your posts or engaged with your Page (e.g. messaged) in the past 28 days.

What’s more important reach or impressions?

Both metrics are similar, but there is a difference when it comes to engagement. In general, your impressions will always be higher than your reach. … If a large number of followers see it again, the number of impressions you get might be close to or may even be higher than your follower count.

What is daily viral reach on Facebook?

Viral reach refers to the number of people who saw your Facebook page or one of its posts from a story published by a friend.

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How can I see what time I viewed my Facebook page?

Click on More > Settings and Privacy, then scroll down to Your Time on Facebook. There, you’ll get a bar graph of the week, with your usage time displayed by hours and minutes per day, and the average amount of time you spent each day.

What is a good number of impressions on Facebook?

– For the reach- and impression-based measurement method, a 1% – 2% Facebook engagement rate is considered good. This is because promoted content is usually tailored to a unique group of audience. You can select the targeting criteria before promoting the content.