Your question: Why does Lady Capulet want her daughter to get married?

Why does Capulet want Juliet married?

Lord Capulet wants to Juliet to get married quickly because he believes this will help cure her grief. He has watched her crying and crying inconsolably and thinks this is due to her cousin Tybalt’s death. … Lord Capulet is convinced that a quick marriage will settle her down and take her mind off her sorrows.

How does Lady Capulet feel about Juliet getting married?

Lady Capulet asks Juliet what she thinks about getting married. Juliet replies that she has not given it any thought. … She excitedly continues that Juliet must begin to think about marriage because the “valiant Paris” has expressed an interest in her (1.3. 76).

Why does Juliet father insist an arranged marriage for his daughter?


In part, the answer is because arranged marriages between the elite classes were the norm. In arranged marriages, the thinking was to create political and social allegiances. Lands and monies could be drawn together between amicable families, thus increasing the power of both families.

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What is her father’s reaction when Juliet says she will not marry Paris?

While at first Lord Capulet says he will not approve Juliet’s marriage to Paris without her consenting to it, when she refuses to marry Paris, Capulet becomes furious with her. He resorts to name-calling, cursing, and a threat of disowning Juliet as he yells in rage against her disobedience.

Why is Lady Capulet a bad mother?

Lady Capulet’s inattentiveness and neglect for Juliet is why she is viewed as a poor mother figure.

How old is Lady Capulet in Romeo and Juliet?

This seems to say that Lady Capulet was thirteen when she had Juliet and since Juliet will be 14 years of age, at the conclusion of the ball, that would make Lady Capulet 27 years old.

Why do Juliet’s parents want her to get married so quickly?

ii. 9), and Lord Capulet believes that marriage might force Juliet to grow up too quickly. But because Paris represents a good match for the Capulet family, he eventually persuades Juliet’s father to agree to the marriage. Meanwhile, Juliet falls in love with Romeo.

What does Juliet confess to Friar Lawrence she will do if she is forced to marry Paris?

After Paris leaves, Juliet asks Friar Lawrence for help, brandishing a knife and saying that she will kill herself rather than marry Paris. The friar proposes a plan: Juliet must consent to marry Paris; then, on the night before the wedding, she must drink a sleeping potion that will make her appear to be dead.

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What animal is Romeo?

However, Lender changes everything about R&J that bothers me turning it into a cute little romp of a tragedy. Romeo is a rooster and Juliet is a bear and instead of being in love they become BFF’s! They don’t commit suicide but go into hibernation and the theme is prejudice: petting zoo animals vs forest animals.

Is Benvolio in love with Romeo?

Benvolio serves as Romeo’s dramatic foil by being the peace-loving, rational, voice of reason in comparison to Romeo who is impetuous and emotionally driven. We see the closeness of their friendship when Benvolio promises Lord Montague to find out what is troubling Romeo in the very first scene and to give him counsel.

Why does Capulet not want her husband to fight?

Lady Capulet doesn’t want her husband to get involved in the fight because she is afraid that he will get hurt because he is so old. … Romeo is heartsick over a girl (it’s not Juliet) who is not at all interested in Romeo.