You asked: Who does Desdemona marry?

Why did Othello and Desdemona marry?

Desdemona marries Othello because she is intrigued by his adventurous past as a soldier who has been to exotic lands. She overhears his stories about his exploits in foreign lands and later asks him to tell these to her in person. … In short, she agrees to marry him because of his mysterious and heroic stories.

Did Desdemona actually cheat on Othello?

Desdemona never cheats on Othello. She loves him and is faithful to him. Iago manipulates Othello through lies and innuendo into thinking that Desdemona is having an affair with Cassio.

Who does Desdemona say she is most loyal to?

Desdemona remains true to Othello, even to the point of her death at his hands, when she tells Emilia with her last words (Act 5, scene 2) that she is responsible for her own death! Due to the Moor, my lord.

Why Othello killed his wife?

Othello comes to his sleeping wife’s bedroom to murder her as punishment for her supposed adultery. He smothers her with a pillow as she asserts her innocence. … Iago, reacting to his wife’s accusations, stabs and kills her. Iago is arrested and sent to trial after Othello wounds him (he doesn’t even die).

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Why did Desdemona love the moor?

She loved the Moor . . . because he was dark and fatal! He had no patience with little things or little people! … In his actions he was cruel and savage but in his heart he was tender—and so she loved him, even when he suffocated her with the pillow, I think she loved him, she worshipped him like a god!

Who did Desdemona cheat on Othello with?

Iago convinces Othello that Desdemona is cheating and having an affair with Cassio first by manipulating Othello’s own insecurities. Second, in Cassio’s room, he plants a handkerchief that Othello had given to Desdemona, giving the impression that Desdemona had given the handkerchief to Cassio.

What is Desdemona called?

The name Desdemona is a girl’s name of Greek origin meaning “ill-starred”. Desdemona is as Shakespearean as a name can be, but because the beautiful and innocent wife of Othello came to such a tragic end, her name has been avoided for centuries.

Did Othello confront Desdemona?

4.1 Othello slaps Desdemona in public. 4.2 Othello confronts Desdemona and tries to make her confess she’s a whore. She denies it, but he doesn’t believe her. Desdemona begs Iago to help her figure out what’s wrong with her husband.

Did Othello really love Desdemona?

Othello does love Desdemona; it’s possible to look at his violent, jealous love as something other than love, but ultimately, he does love her. Perhaps, though, the love he bears for her is not healthy. Othello kills Desdemona because he sees her supposed indiscretion with Cassio as a betrayal.

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Do Desdemona and Othello consummate their marriage?

A Guiltless Death: The Unconsummated Marriage in Othello Although Desdemona and Othello are truly in love when they marry, they are unable to consummate their marriage in William Shakespeare’s Othello. … Desdemona is faithful before and during her marriage to Othello.

Why did Desdemona fall in love with Othello quote?

Desdemona, he says, fell in love with Othello because of his “bragging and telling her fantastical lies” (2.1. 223), but “Her eye must be fed; and what delight shall she have to look on the devil?” (2.1. 225-227).