Why did Prince Charles get married at St Pauls Cathedral?

Why did Charles and Camilla change wedding date?

The reason stated by the palace was the couple wanted to keep the occasion low key. On 4 April, it was announced that the wedding would be postponed 24 hours until 9 April, so that the Prince of Wales could attend the funeral of Pope John Paul II as the representative of the Queen.

What Royals got married at St Pauls?

The elaborate celebration of Princess Diana and Prince Charles was held at St Paul’s Cathedral in London on July 29th, 1981. It was quite an anomaly at the time, with most Royal’s marrying at the Royal Church at Westminster Abbey.

Is Camilla related to Diana?

Legally, Camilla is Princess of Wales but has adopted the feminine form of her husband’s highest-ranking subsidiary title, Duke of Cornwall, because the title Princess of Wales became strongly associated with the previous holder of that title, Diana.

Do Royals have to marry royals?

Legal limits. … Over time, various laws and customs have existed that bind royals, including the Royal Marriages Act 1772, which sets out, among other things, that royal marriages require consent from the monarch – which is still in force today for the first six members of the royal family in the line of succession.

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Can I get married in St Pauls Cathedral?

Not just anyone can have their wedding at St Paul’s Cathedral; you must have a family connection to be married there in the Chapel of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, which is in the crypt beneath the main Cathedral.

Did the Queen want Charles to marry Diana?

Diana’s marriage to Charles suffered due to their incompatibility and extramarital affairs. They separated in 1992, soon after the breakdown of their relationship became public knowledge.

Diana, Princess of Wales.

Burial 6 September 1997 Althorp, Northamptonshire, England
Spouse Charles, Prince of Wales ​ ​ ( m. 1981; div. 1996)​

What did the Queen think of Diana?

The Queen made it clear she approved of Diana

She had a firm grasp of royal etiquette and how to behave around royals, this wasn’t an entirely new world as it is sometimes depicted. Naturally, of course, this meant Diana had met the Queen long before she began courting Prince Charles.