Who brings up the gifts at a Catholic wedding?

Who can be an attendant at a Catholic wedding?

A: Although the Catholic Church prefers that both the best man and the maid of honor be Catholic, only one must be. Your maid of honor cannot receive the Eucharist, but she can stand up for you and follow the readings. To be absolutely sure of your church’s policy, call and ask your rectory.

Is there a ring bearer in Catholic wedding?

Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

Traditionally, in a Catholic wedding processional, the ring bearer carries the couples’ wedding rings tied to a pillow (they can be faux rings, if he’s too little to carry the real things. The flower girl can carry a basket of petals, which she tosses as she walks down the aisle.

Is it a sin to get married outside the Catholic Church?

Is it a sin for a Catholic to get married outside the Church without the bishop’s dispensation? Objectively, yes it is. However, the “Catholic” person getting married outside the Church could be such a nominally practicing Catholic, and so poorly instructed, that he/she may well have no clue that it’s a sin.

What does a Catholic wedding consist of?

The ceremony consists, at least, of three biblical readings, the exchange of vows, the exchange of rings, the Prayer of the Faithful, the nuptial blessing, prayers and appropriate music. The Roman Catholic wedding is rich in tradition and liturgy.

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Can you light unity candle at reception?

Lighting the Unity Candle During the Reception

A unity candle can also be used as a decoration during the wedding reception. The candle may be placed on the head table near the wedding couple, or near the guest book.

Does the Catholic Church recognize civil marriages?

The Catholic Church opposes introduction of both civil and religious same-sex marriage.