What is a partner engagement manager?

What does an Engagement Manager do?

Engagement managers play a crucial role in building strong and lasting relationships with clients. They typically manage a portfolio of complex accounts and serve as the point of contact for these accounts. They also assist clients with ongoing projects and help them address issues and problems.

What is meant by partner engagement?

Partner engagement is when your partners are: Interacting with your brand. Actively participating in your partner programs. Marketing and selling your products/services as their own.

How do you become an engagement manager?

To become an engagement manager, you need experience in customer service and customer relations. A bachelor’s degree in business or a related field is helpful to build up the necessary business, communication, and management knowledge and skills.

What is ibm PEM?

IBM Sterling Partner Engagement Manager (PEM) is a software based engagement system that enables faster onboarding, collaboration, interaction, monitoring, management, and visibility into the interactions between companies and their partners, customers, and suppliers.

What makes a great engagement manager?

A successful engagement manager is personable and has strong leadership and organizational skills. Public speaking and the ability to command meetings is also a must.

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How much does an engagement director make?

The average engagement director salary is $95,466 per year, or $45.9 per hour, in the United States. The range surrounding that average can vary between $54,000 and $167,000, meaning engagement directors have the opportunity to earn more once they move past entry-level roles.

How can I improve my partners engagement?

Here are five strategies that will help you increase your partner engagement rate:

  1. Offer helpful and relevant content. …
  2. Create a community on social media. …
  3. Create a partner academy online. …
  4. Reward Engagement. …
  5. Get their feedback and ideas.

How do I keep my partner engaged?

5 Key Elements of a Successful Partner Engagement Plan

  1. Building Strong Relationships. Building relationships is important in all aspects of life, both personally and professionally. …
  2. Developing Partner-Friendly Programs and Content. …
  3. Consistent Communication. …
  4. Getting Partner Buy-in. …
  5. Getting Channel Managers’ Buy-in.

Is an engagement manager?

An engagement manager is responsible for building a positive relationship with a client after they have signed a contract. They are responsible for solving any issue that a client experiences. … Some of the jobs titles that an engagement manager could grow into are head of sales and head of customer relations.

How many certification levels exist for engagement managers?

The new EM certification framework defined competencies across five levels, from Foundation to Level 4, which were cantered on the four key principles of sales, delivery, finance and people. The training and certification criteria were then added to create the professional journey.

How long does it take to be engagement manager?


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While specific responsibilities will vary based on previous experience the ideal candidate will have the following: Associates: 4-6 years / Engagement Managers: 5-7 years plus of experience in strategy consulting and/or Chemical or Energy industry experience.