What happened killer bride?

How did killer bride end?

Camila finds peace within herself as she finally learns Vida’s true identity. Luis makes a heartbreaking move to put an end to Alice’s reign of terror. Camila finds peace within herself as she finally learns Vida’s true identity.

Is there really a ghost in the killer bride?

Whereas once Camila only pretended, with the help of Emma, to be the “killer bride,” now she was an actual ghost in a bridal gown roaming the streets of Las Espadas. The paranormal twist of “The Killer Bride,” which comes as the series nears its January 17 finale, catapulted the episode as the No.

Who is the real Vida in the killer bride?


MANILA — “The Killer Bride” on Friday finally revealed the identity of Camila’s (Maja Salvador) daughter, Vida, whose apparent death as a newborn in a prison fire sparked her journey of revenge as the titular character.

Is Emma Vida in killer bride?

Camila finds out Emma is Vida all along. Vito’s (Geoff Eigenmann) investigation bore fruit, establishing Emma as their long-lost daughter.

Who is the antagonist in the killer bride?

Mary Ann Bardinas. Just when we thought that she’s one of those good souls among the people surrounding Camila (Maja Salvador), we were all surprised when it was revealed that Alice (Lara Quigaman) is actually the main villain in the well-loved and highly talked about primetime series.

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Who is Maja Salvador in real life?

In 2021, after 18 years, Salvador left Star Magic and decided to establish her own talent agency, Crown Artist Management.

Maja Salvador
Born Maja Ross Andres Salvador October 5, 1988 Aparri, Cagayan, Philippines
Nationality Filipino
Occupation Actress dancer recording artist singer host