What does it mean if something is engaging?

What does it mean to be called engaging?

A story, song, or person that is engaging is entertaining, fun, and interesting — you want to see or hear more. … When something or somebody is engaging, you want to spend more time with them too. Boring is the complete opposite of engaging.

How do you say something is engaging?


  1. alluring.
  2. fascinating.
  3. interesting.
  4. intriguing.
  5. inviting.
  6. likable.
  7. lovable.
  8. pleasant.

What is an example of engaging?

The definition of engaging is something interesting or fascinating. When someone becomes involved in a vigorous and interesting debate, this is an example of an engaging debate. Attractive; pleasant; winning; charming.

What is the meaning of engaging in activities?

1. verb. If you engage in an activity, you do it or are actively involved with it. [formal] It is important for children to have time to engage in family activities. [

How do you use the word engaging?

Engaging sentence example

  1. His laugh was sudden and short, engaging the dimple. …
  2. It is of the most engaging tameness, being fortunately protected by popular sentiment from injury. …
  3. He lowered his eye-band once more, engaging his other senses.
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What is engaging personality?

adjective. An engaging person or thing is pleasant, interesting, and entertaining.

What are two synonyms for engaging?

Synonyms & Antonyms of engage

  • Synonyms for engage. absorb, bemuse, busy, catch up, engross, enthrall. (or enthral), enwrap, …
  • Words Related to engage. allure, attract, beguile, bewitch, captivate, charm, enchant, obsess. …
  • Phrases Synonymous with engage. catch one’s eye.
  • Near Antonyms for engage. bore, jade, pall, tire, weary.

What is another word for engaged in conversation?

What is another word for engaged in conversation?

chatted talked
chattered babbled
gossiped gossipped
jawed prattled
conversed jabbered

What is another word for engaging with?

What is another word for engage with?

take receive
handle meet
respond to accept
manage contend with
grapple with treat

What does engaging style mean?

An engaging person or thing is pleasant, interesting, and entertaining. adj.

What does an engaging smile mean?

pleasant, attractive, and charming: an engaging smile/manner/person.

What is an engaging question?

You can also engage your audience by creating specific content that is designed to be used for this purpose. One such approach is the engagement question. Engagement questions enable you to get people involved and maintain group energy so your listeners stay alert, interested, and stimulated.