Question: Are Jill and Derick Dillard still married?

Who Is Jill Dillard married to?

Which sisters did Josh abuse?

Josh was previously investigated for molesting five underage girls when he was a teenager, four of them being his own sisters and the fifth being their babysitter. His sisters, whom he allegedly molested, were identified in police documents as Jessa Duggar, Jill Duggar, Joy-Anna Duggar and Jinger Duggar.

Why did Jill leave Counting On?

The lawyer alleged that there are members of the Counting On cast who want to distance themselves from the Duggars following Josh Duggar’s 2015 molestation scandal and most recent child porn charges. Jill and Derick left Counting On in 2017, two years after it emerged that Josh molested five underage girls.

Who is Stephen Wissmann?

As per their family website, Stephen is a pilot and an assistant manager of Wissmann Enterprises, Inc. Apart from enjoying outdoor activities, Stephen reportedly enjoys making small furniture. In fact, Stephen’s talent does not stop here.

Are Jill and Jessa still close?

Still, Jill and her younger sister, Jessa, have seemed to remain close despite those tensions. Jill and Jessa grew up together, started courting close together, and were married in the same year. Needless to say, they’ve been through a lot by one another’s side.

What does Derick Dillard do for a living?

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