Is Edmure Tully still married to Roslin Frey?

Who is Edmure Tully son?

In A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Edmure did impregnate Roslin on their wedding night in the third book, but less than nine months pass by the time Jaime confronts the captive Edmure at the second siege of Riverrun in the fourth book, thus Roslin is still pregnant when last seen.

Why did Edmure Tully surrender?

1 Answer. Yes, Edmure surrendered because of threats to his family and because it looked like a no-win situation. Family plays a huge part in the Game of Thrones universe. It’s important in ours as well, of course, but for them it’s more than just loving and protecting your family.

Who does Edmure Tully marry?

How old is Lord Edmure?

[12] It is known that, while squire’s are usually somewhat older, even boys as young as 8 can be a squire. [13] This shows that Edmure would have been at least 8 years old in 282 ᴀᴄ, placing his birth no later than 274 ᴀᴄ. No further specifications can be given. Edmure was thus born in or between 267 ᴀᴄ and 274 ᴀᴄ.

What happened to Walder Freys wives?

Walder Frey has outlived seven wives and is currently married to his eighth (in the books, not sure about show.) Since that divorce isn’t a thing in Westeros, all of these women must have died. Wife 1 was Perra Royce, she had four children. Wife 2 was Cyrenna Swan, she had two Children.

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