How much did JLo’s engagement ring cost?

How much did Jennifer Lopez’s engagement ring cost?

“The cost was roughly $10 million. I’d imagine the price of her ring would be closer to $11 million today.” Fried emphasized that fancy color diamonds — and pink in particular — are far rarer than colorless ones, and that the sheer size of 52-year-old Lopez’s makes it even more so.

Did JLo keep all her engagement rings?

Despite one week into the split, JLo still has not returned her engagement ring. … While A-Rod gave her a gorgeous ring worth $1.8 millio, the Hustlers actress added to the MLB star’s watch collection over the years. So to say, they may just keep each other’s gifts and call it even.

Did Meghan want Kate’s ring?

The rumor-debunking site, Gossip Cop denied the claims made by the tabloid. The publication said that Markle didn’t waltz off with $10 million worth of Princess Diana’s jewelry. Meghan Markle didn’t also ask Middleton to surrender her engagement ring. After all, the jewelry was a gift to her from Prince William.

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