How do you say BYOB on a wedding invitation?

How do you word BYOB on a wedding invitation?

How to Word “Bring Your Own Booze” Invitations

  1. Write the invitation normally, indicating the time, date, and location of the party, as well as any particular reason for throwing it or special requirements such as costumes.
  2. Write “BYOB” at the lower right-hand corner of the invitation.

What is another way to say BYOB?

BYOB or BYO is an initialism and acronym concerning alcohol that means “bring your own bottle” or “bring your own booze” or “bring your own beer”. It can also stand for similar phrases such as “bring your own blow“, or when relevant, “bring your own beverage”.

Is it tacky to do BYOB wedding?

BYOB weddings can bring up several issues: Some people just really hate the concept. For some folks, any suggestion that wedding guests bring anything other than themselves is an offensive and seen as a gift-grab. Other people see BYOB as turning your wedding into a frat party.

Is it rude to say BYOB?

“As a general rule of modern-day etiquette, it’s never appropriate to ask guests to BYOB,” says etiquette expert Mindy Lockard of The Gracious Girl. … Don’t consider BYOB to be the a way to entertain… If you can’t afford to offer at least some food and wine, perhaps you should think again about hosting that house party.

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What do I need to bring to a BYOB wedding?

Most experts will recommend having the following: red wine, white wine, light beer, one darker variety, clear liquor, one brown. You’ll also want to have a sparkling option, like champagne or prosecco on hand for toasts.

How does a BYOB party work?

What Is BYOB? If a restaurant or party is BYOB (“bring your own bottle”), this means that guests are free to bring their alcoholic beverage of choice with differing limitations according to the restaurant or event.

How do you say no alcohol on an invitation?

Word of mouth is typically the most tactful way to let guests know there won’t be alcohol at the wedding, especially if you want guests to know the choice is a religious or personal one.

How do you politely say bring your own food?

If a guest is known for a delicious dish, be sure to ask that guest to bring it. When wording the invitation, mention potluck and add please bring a side or dessert.

What is the meaning XYZ?

(ĕks′wī-zē′) interj. Informal. Used to indicate to someone that the zipper of his or her pants is open.

Is it cheaper to BYOB for wedding?

The savings here is incredibly clear: I saved 90% on the cost of my booze by buying it myself. That mixed with a little creativity kept me from busting my budget while still providing my guests with beverages. Don’t get sucked into catering hall fees if you don’t have the money for it.

Is it okay to do a BYOB wedding?

You Have More Control

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If you’re trying to keep costs very low and are worried your guests will feel like you’re being cheap on the wine, create your own labels and your guests won’t think twice. BYOB allows you to save up to 75% on the cost of booze—and that’s a lot of money!

How do you BYOB a wedding?

Most experts will recommend having at least two of everything: One red wine, one white wine; one light beer, one darker variety; one clear liquor, one brown. You’ll also want to have a sparkling option, like Champagne or prosecco, on hand for toasts (plan for one bottle per every eight guests).