Frequent question: Why is the wedding ringer rated R?

Why is the calling rated R?

But the MPAA has marked the film with an R rating, for “violence, disturbing content and some language.”

Is the wedding ringer inappropriate?

The Wedding Ringer is rated R by the MPAA for crude and sexual content, language throughout, some drug use and brief graphic nudity.

Was the wedding ringer a flop?

The Wedding Ringer is a 2015 American buddy romantic comedy film directed and co-written by Jeremy Garelick. It stars Kevin Hart, Josh Gad, and Kaley Cuoco. Despite receiving generally negative reviews, the film was a box office success, grossing over $79 million against a $23 million budget. …

How old should you be to watch bridesmaids?

This is an R-rated movie, which means that kids under 17 must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian.

How old are John and Jeremy in wedding crashers?

John and Jeremy, single in their mid-30s, mediate divorces in D.C.; their summer social life consists of crashing weddings (always with a back story) to meet young women for a one-night stand. As John thinks about growing up, Jeremy convinces him to go to one more, for the daughter of the Treasury Secretary.

Is Call R rated?

The MPA rated The Call R for violence, disturbing content and some language.

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Who is the killer in the calling?

Topher Grace is the inexperienced colleague who blunders into danger. Then there is the killer (Christopher Heyerdahl), who fancies himself a healer. Naturally, Hazel, an alcoholic who steals painkillers from the first crime scene, is herself in need of care.

Is the silence kid friendly?

Intense adaptation is violent, thought-provoking for teens.

Is silence a real story?

The historical film has some basis in history, but Silence is not based on a true story, as some might think. Scorsese’s passion project is actually based on a book, also called Silence, by Japanese author Shusaku Endo, although it does have some connections to real events.

Is the silence rated R?

Silence [2017] [R] – 2.8. 2 – Parents’ Guide & Review – SEX/NUDITY 2 – Men are shown wearing loin cloth-type bottoms that reveal bare buttocks, abdomens, chests and backs in several scenes. A man’s robe is open and we see his bare chest and his bare side.