Frequent question: How big is a wedding cake topper?

What size should cake toppers be?

The size of the top tier of the cake is important when choosing a cake topper size. If the top of the cake has a 6-inch or less diameter of cake, then the diameter of the cake topper should be no more than that the cake itself.

Do wedding cakes need a cake topper?

You Don’t Always Need One.

Does every wedding cake need a cake topper? No. Some styles of wedding cakes look beautiful with a clean top. You can also consider having your cake designer make a full topper of sugar flowers (the benefit is that you can keep them and they are not toxic, as with real flowers).

What is the purpose of a wedding cake topper?

History of the Cake Topper

The Wedding cake symbolizes good fortune and fertility. Years ago, it was assumed that a married woman would have a baby within a year after her wedding. The tradition is that the top tier of the wedding cake would then be thawed and used for the baby’s christening.

What size is a standard cake?

The most popular sizes are 8 or 9 inches square, but like round cake pans, they come in all sorts of sizes that can be used to create intricate tiered cakes of any height. When serving a cake in multiple tiers, you can add the number of servings for each sized tier.

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How far in advance do you need to order a wedding cake?

Place the Order

Most bakeries suggest placing your wedding cake order about six months before your big day. Some smaller bakeries fill their reservations fast, especially during peak wedding season, so booking early will ensure you won’t run into scheduling conflicts.

How many will a 3 tier cake feed?

In general, three tiers will serve 50 to 100 guests. So, if you’re having 150 or more, you’ll likely need four or more tiers.

What does cake topper mean?

1Something used as the top layer or garnish for a cake, such as fruit, nuts, cream, etc. 2A decoration of figures, flowers, lettering, etc., for the top of a cake, typically designed to be a flamboyant or expressive feature for use at a celebration.

What is a tier on a cake?

TIERED CAKES consist of multiple layer cakes of different sizes stacked on top of each other like a traditional wedding cake. Tiered cakes must be handled with TLC and prefer to be transported on a LEVEL SURFACE.

What size wedding cake do I need for 100 guests?

It’s pretty simple to work it out, basically don’t cater to 20% of your guests when it comes to the cake. So, if you are having 100 guests, you will only need a wedding cake big enough for 80 . Think about it for a minute, most weddings area 4 course meal.

What do you say when cutting a wedding cake?


MC INTRODUCTION: “And now comes the cutting of that beautiful cake (find out who made it and announce that). So I’d like… (bride)…and… (groom)…to walk around to the front of the bridal table to perform their first duty as husband and wife.”

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