Frequent question: Can you get legally married in Cyprus?

Can foreigners get married in Cyprus?

Foreigners are allowed to get married in Cyprus, provided that they have made several steps for the marriage application. … The marriage can take place in minimum 15 days and maximum three months after the application is completed.

Are marriages in Cyprus legal in the UK?

It is relatively straightforward for British and Irish citizens to get married in Cyprus, and the marriage is completely legal in the UK and Ireland. There is no need to pre-register the marriage.

How long do you have to stay in Cyprus to get married?

You do need to spend a minimum of three days in Cyprus before having the ceremony and have two witnesses present. Civil unions in the Republic of Cyprus may be arranged for both single sex couples and couples of different sexes who don’t want to have a wedding.

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What documents are required to marry in Cyprus?

What do you need to get married in Cyprus?

  • A valid passport with a minimum validity of six months.
  • A photocopy (or two just to be safe) of the photo page of your and your fiance’s passport.
  • A photocopy (or two) of the photo page of each of your two witnesses.
  • Your birth certificate.

How much will it cost to get married in Cyprus?

A standard civil wedding license costs around 128 euros, an urgency civil wedding license will cost you 281 euros and you have to pay the fee to the town hall. Outside the town hall the fees are between 400 and 632 euros.

Where can I get married in Cyprus?

Explore our favourite Cyprus wedding venues below, or call our specialists.

  • Olympic Lagoon Paphos. Paphos, Cyprus. …
  • Olympic Lagoon Resort. Ayia Napa, Cyprus. …
  • Constantinos the Great. Protaras, Cyprus. …
  • King Evelthon Beach Hotel and Resort. …
  • Alexander the Great Hotel Paphos Cyprus. …
  • Asterias Beach Hotel. …
  • Vrissiana. …
  • The Dome Beach Hotel.

Do I need to register marriage in UK if married abroad?

There is no requirement for you to register an overseas marriage or civil partnership in the UK. You may be required to prove your marriage or civil partnership is valid by providing the original copies of your marriage documents.

Do I need a certificate of no impediment to get married in Cyprus?

Bride & Groom must each have a document from their Embassy stating that they are free to marry. These documents are sometimes called Certificate of No Impediment or Freedom to Marry Certificate, each Embassy will know what is required for a National marrying abroad.

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How do I get divorced in the UK if I got married abroad?

You’ll need to include your original marriage certificate when you apply for a divorce. If your marriage certificate is in a different language because you got married outside of the UK, then you’ll need to also attach a certified translation of the marriage certificate to your divorce application.

Can you get married on a beach in Cyprus?

Situated on a beautiful Blue Flag beach, Elias Beach is no doubt in serene location where you can get married on the outdoor terrace or sunset pier with the Mediterranean sea serving as your backdrop. There’s also a Greek-style chapel that you can get married in too.

How do I get a civil marriage in Cyprus?

Civil Marriage in Cyprus

  1. – A valid passport which may be presented as proof of identity, age and nationality;
  2. – Proof of termination of any previous marriages;
  3. – Proof that they are single; Confirmation by the competent authority of the foreign nationals’ country that he or she is legally free to marry.

How do I become a citizen of Cyprus through marriage?

Foreign spouses of Cypriots who completed 3 years of marriage and 2 years of residence in Cyprus, prior to the date of the application are entitled to apply for citizenship. Also, spouses of Cypriots living abroad are entitled to apply when they have completed at least three years of marriage.

Can I get married in Cyprus 2021?

To get legally married in Cyprus but you must make your marriage application in person to the Marriage Officer at the Municipality of your choice after you arrive in Cyprus.

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How do I get married in Cyprus from UK?

You will need…

  1. Valid Passports.
  2. Full Birth Certificates.
  3. Certificate of No Impediment.
  4. Decree Absolute (if applicable)
  5. Death certificate of spouse & previous marriage certificate (if applicable)
  6. Certificate of Changing Name (Statutory Declaration)
  7. Deed Poll (if applicable)
  8. Adoption certificate (if applicable)

What is a single status statutory declaration?

A statutory declaration is a formal statement made in the presence of a solicitor or notary public. They are commonly created by a person making a declaration that they are single and free to marry. … You need to contact a local solicitor or notary for assistance.