Can you get married in High Park?

Can you get married outside in Toronto?

If you get married outside of Ontario, your marriage will not be registered in the province. You will not be able to request a marriage certificate from the province of Ontario.

Can you have a picnic in High Park?

High Park offers 18 designated picnic areas for pre-booking. If you wish to have a picnic for 25 or more people, you are required to purchase a picnic permit. They can be booked on a first come, first served basis from 8:30am to 4:00pm, Monday to Friday, by calling the Toronto Permit Office at 416-392-8188.

Do you need a photo permit for Scarborough Bluffs?

Photography Permit Needed

You will will need a photography permit and you can book it through Toronto Parks and Recreation or if you call 311.

Do you need a permit to get married in a park Toronto?

A permit is required for formal photography (of any kind, i.e. weddings, graduation etc.) or wedding ceremonies in City of Toronto parks. To obtain a formal photography or wedding ceremony permit for a City park, contact staff on the Parks, Forestry & Recreation Permit Line.

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Can you get married in Algonquin Park?

The Algonquin Eco-Lodge is a wonderful location to hold a wedding or a special celebration. … The unique experience starts for your wedding guests with a scenic 2.5 km (25 minute) walk through the forests of Algonquin Provincial Park to get to the Lodge.

How do you get married at City Hall?


  1. Get marriage license. …
  2. Arrive at Marriage Bureau, pass through security. …
  3. Present yourselves and your witness(es) with identification and your license to the clerk. …
  4. The number will be called to fill out the final paperwork.

How much does it cost to have a wedding at Casa Loma?

According to Casa Loma, the wedding associated cost starts at $25,000 during the peak season (fee to rent the venue from May to September) and $20,000 during the off peak season (October to April). The cost of the plated service per guest starts from $120.

Is High Park Safe?

Generally crime in the area is somewhat low, especially considering that it is located in a large city like Toronto. High Park North is a very peaceful neighbourhood and is home to many families. People from around the city are drawn to the neighbourhood due to the large park.

Are there washrooms at High Park?

There are 7 public washrooms operated seasonally, including those available at the Grenadier Teahouse (1873 Bloor St. W) and Cafe. Year-round: 8:00 am to dusk, The Chess House at the Bloor Street entrance and Parkside Drive & High Park Boulevard entrance. Washrooms also available at Grenadier Restaurant.

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Is parking free at High Park?

Parking at High Park is free and you are almost guaranteed to find a spot.

Do you need a permit for photography?

Public Ground Permit: If you plan to shoot on the ground location you will require a Public Ground Permit. … Aerial permit: If your shoot is in the air. Special Film permit: For offshore location you will either require a special permit to film at, or close by oil installations.

Do you need a permit to take photos at High Park?

Wedding photography and ceremonies are not allowed in High Park. At other city parks, a permit is required for all professional photo shoots.

Do you need permit for Scarborough Bluffs?

As far as I know the foot of the Bluffs beach is a park. You can take pictures of anything you like. … You may it is a park and most parks require to pay a permit fee. You can phone the city to find out or shoot discreetly.